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Norton Records and Kicks Books -- Forever on Wax and Paper

Yes, that is a fact, and to lure even more of you kids into the vinyl jungle, we're baiting you with some serious download sets. Dig these invisible sounds and then come on in for something you can wrap your eyes and mitts around, too! Download links appear in our regular listings but here are some very special download sets for the digital crowd. Our new "20 POUNDERS" series begins with two killer sets of 20 tracks each. This inaugural pair is issued to mark our first anniversary of survival since we were hit by Hurricane Sandy.

We thank The Orchard for making this possible.

Kindle Kicks makes your "Hip Pocket Paperbacks" available when the mood strikes,                                           and we know, with Kicks Books, that's OFTEN!

Come aboard with our digital stuff, then move it on over to solid wax and perennial pulps, too!