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Arch Hall, Jr.




Wild Guitar

(Norton 307) FINALLY! Gargantuan set heralds the mega-cool collected works 1959-1964 of ARCH HALL, JR.-- star of stage, screen and records! This first time ever soundtrack collection is culled largely from newly found master tapes and features Archís earliest solo recordings plus the Archers live in '62 at a Pensacola drive in theatre and in '64 at a Pasadena night club! Massive illustrated bio-booklet includes interviews with Arch Jr.and the Amazing Archers, filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler, movie star Liz Renay, plus various cast and crew from Fairway International Pictures. Arch has long been a film fan favorite with his starring roles in WILD GUITAR, EEGAH, THE SADIST and others, but his musical career has been a total mystery for forty years! Now, the entire story unfolds as the world is takes a frantic foray into the incredible world of Mr. Wild Guitar himself - ARCH HALL, JR!

The Sadist / Dune Buggy / Buzzola / Konga Joe / Theme From Wild Guitar / Termites / Steak's Theme / Monkey In My Hatband / Back In Business* / Run Vickie Run / Mike Calls The Shots* / Guitar Twist / A Date With Eegah / Theme From Eegah / I'm Growin' Taller / Wild Guitar Trailer / Stairfall / Twist Fever / Publicity / Money And Records / Steak / Eegah Crashes The Party / Brownsville Road / Vickie / Girl Bait / Daisy Dance / The Kidnappers / Judy Poody / Organ Twist / Bud Smells A Rat / Bud And Steak Square Off / Pep Talk / Archers Theme* / If A Man Answers* / Further On Up The Road* / Stop Sneakin' Around* / Nancy Czar Interview* / Teenage Idol* / Good Golly Miss Molly* / Wild Guitar* / Hello Mary Lou* / Susie Q* / Yes I Will* / Archers Theme Outro* / You Little Punk / Watch Your Step** / Big Boy Pete** / The Choppers (*Live 1962 Pensacola Florida / **Live 1964 (Pasadena, California)




EEGAH! (1961) Classic caveman falls in love story complete with rock n' roll, cars and girls! Stars Richard Kiel as the lovelorn giant caveman! 

WILD GUITAR (1962) The ultimate rock n' roll plot. Country boy Bud Eagle (Arch Jr.) heads for Hollywood where devious bizwig Mike McCauley (Arch Sr.) makes him a star with the help of blade-wielding Steak (Ray Dennis Steckler). Five star film!

THE SADIST (1963) Superb psycho chiller with Arch as deraged sociopath Charlie Tibbs hell bent on making people very, very nervous. Story borrows from Charlie Starkweather story, with shocking realistic portrayal by Arch.

NASTY RABBIT (1964) This spy spoof serves up an international bevy of do-badders including the ravishing Liz Renay as a buxotic secret agent using her wiley ways against Arch Jr, the handsome guitar-slinging good guy spy! Arch Sr. stars as Russian no-goodnik! The Archers are great on stage and so are Pat & Lolly Vegas and band! Glorious color!

DEADWOOD '76 (1964) Arch Jr. teams up with Liz Renay for his final film appearance! This western drama is beautifully filmed and draws heavily from Arch Sr.'s early days as a bona fide Dakota Days and his own film career in Westerns.

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Apsara Jet(2001) Face it, people. Arch Hall, Jr. is unstoppable! Here is his first novel – 287 pages packed with action, action, action – drawn from his intimate knowledge of the Far East and his thousands of hours clocked in as a commercial pilot! Move into the midnight heat of Cambodia, the mystery of the Khmer people, one man's torridly detailed immersion into a culture as ancient as the ruins of Ankor Watt. Arch used the pen name Nicolas Merriweather for his first novel – a tip of the hat to his genius Dad! Limited stock autographed by the author! Paperbound.

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