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The Hentchmen are a top-notch Rock n' Roll combo from Detroit, Michigan. Their origin dates back to October 1992, when founding members John and Tim, bored with commercial radio, set out to play stripped down, primitive Rock n' Roll. Using the same blunt and essential instruments (organ, guitar and minimal drum kit) as their Sixties Garage/Punk heroes, the boys rebirthed a savage "hit and run" sound that would soon prove to drive the young-at-heart into a feeding frenzy.

With their youthful good looks (cited in the "Cute Bands Alert '97" in Seventeen magazine), and clean-cut charm, these able youngsters were soon invited to play several parties and functions as the Hentchmen.

Within the first year they had an explosive reputation and a solid fan base in both Detroit and Ann Arbor. In this time, the fellows released their first self-titled and produced seven-inch record. This effort led to a recording contract with Norton Records in New York and landed them many other indie seven-inch agreements. With all the local excitement, the Hentchmen were playing many shows in the Detroit area but decided to tour nationally. These cross-country, short-notice tours are what the gents are best known for as they have been from coast to coast several times.

In early 1996 after two full-length albums and half a dozen singles, John and Tim added Mike, former member of the Marquette Book Club, to payroll as their new drummer. Maintaining their reputation as one of Detroit's most prolific bands, the boys tightened up the "Hentch sound" and recorded their junior effort, "Broad Appeal".

The Hentchmen divide their time between brushing up on foreign language skills and preparing a new batches of hits. They have toured Europe several times, and have criss crossed the nation.

Although the Hentchmen will deny any professional affiliation with the future Detroit legend, Jack "Whitey" White, the local social mag, "Sceen Beat" has spotted both parties hangin' out together at several Detroit hotspots recently. This strongly supports rumors that White has been lending his "talents" on sessions for an Italy Records' mini-LP, titled "Gawker Delay". Along with the mini-LP, a more satiating Norton full-length, called "Motorvatin'" will hopefully re-ignite "Hentch Fever" and fans will "Fall" for any new platters!


The mighty Detroit Hentchbeat roars again with their most powerful record yet! INFINITY TIMES THREE (Norton 294) includes ten new driving Hentch originals + atomic covers of Big Joe Turner and Devo (?!) & knockout production by Jim Diamond. You dug their 4 smash Norton albums plus the HENTCH-FORTH mini-LP (featuring a young Jack White on bass), now let the big sound of the Hentchmen take you THREE TIMES INFINITY! The Hentchmen just blew their home town apart with their tenth anniversary show — hey, remember their first Norton album? These guys were barely outtta short pants!! Check their boss band site at

"This is perfect music for thrill-seeking losers who want nothing more from life than free beer and to do the slop of the Bacon Fat 'til they fall on the floor...very few bands out there are as hard-core as the Hentchmen when it comes to playing this kind of rock n' roll" — CMJ




Norton 264 MOTORVATIN'


Nervous Reck (Front Porch)

The Breather (Front Porch)

Hot Rod Millie (Norton 45-025)

Girl From Jackson (Front Porch)

So Many Girls (Norton 034)

Red Hot Car (Hillsdale)

Ypsilanti's Newest Hitmakers (Estrus)

My Catalina (Get Hip)

Gravel Bite (1+2 - Japan)

Portrait of the Hentchmen (Verboten)

Ten String Trio EP (Flying Bomb)

Rainin' In My Heart (Larsen - France)

Red River Rock (Norton 45 057)

Yesterday's Trash EP (Keystone)

Come On Santa (Norton 45 068)


The Hentchmen perform " Like You Used To" on Norton 234 (LP/CD) TURBAN RENEWAL: A TRIBUTE TO SAM THE SHAM AND THE PHARAOHS

The Hentchmen Meet the Flat Duo Jets!