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Untamed Youth


Meet the Untamed Youth!

In the tradition of the Trashmen and the Rivieras before them, the Untamed Youth hail from the bounteous midwest region of these United States, and swing forth with the frantically delectable combination of high octane stomp, reverb, shout and soul that powered their heroes. As teenagers, guitar playing Derek "Deke" Dickerson commanded his beloved sidekick Steve "Mace" Mace to play bass, and the two lured local drum legend/school chum Joel Trueblood into the fold, along with organ playing Chris Fletcher to form a combo, which they dubbed UNTAMED YOUTH.

The lads brought their talents to the attention of Norton Records in 1988, and soon found themselves in the recording studio, cutting their stellar first album SOME KINDA FUN (ED-207), which caught the ears of music lovers worldwide. Their second Norton album, MORE GONE GASSERS (ED-215) was met with instant approval from the stomp set. Their highly sought after third LP SOPHISTICATED INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS demonstrated the many moods of the Untamed Youth.

The boys' career in the industry over the years has proven their longevity, despite sabbaticals and relocations. Deke has become an in-demand session man and solo star entrepreneur, while Mace has achieved a mystical balance enjoying notoriety as one of the most revered bassman in his field and also as one of the finest accounting students in Missouri. Early on, Joel searched elsewhere for answers, and his throne was occupied briefly by beat happy boppers including Show-Me stick star Bobby Lloyd Hicks, but he has returned to his rightful place in the firmament of the Untamed Youth. Chris has moved into another realm of endeavor, and his organ grinding position was immediately filled by the heir apparent, Steve Rager, the necessary chick magnet of the combo.

Their long awaited reappearance resulted in their immediate reclamation of their lofty, revered position in "the scene". Norton's compact disc release UNTAMED MELODIES (CED 249) this year reaches a new generation of suds-starved rock n' roll fans and satisfies the lifelong fan clubbers as well.

However, the great unwashed hordes began clamoring for more, more, more UNTAMED YOUTH. In our constant effort to satisfy the demands of today's modern record consumer, Norton is everso proud to announce the brand new dual format release of the latest Untamed Youth collection, YOUTH RUNS WILD! (Norton Compact disc CED 263 and LP ED 263) The Foamsome Foursome as the lads are commonly refered to, serve their wildest set of double sevens with tunes including "Haunted Castle Party", "I Couldn't Care Less", "Charlena", "Mace Has Got A Hot Rod Dart", "They Call It Beer", "F-olding Money", "Lightnin' Louie", "Girl Happy", "Full Blown 426 Hemi", "I've Been Wrong Before", "Red Line", "Where Did Kono Go?", "Dance Sammy Dance" and the controversial "Iron Cross". Join us in saluting the latest, and greatest from Missouri's finest... THE UNTAMED YOUTH!!

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Norton ED 207 Some Kinda Fun (LP)

Norton ED 215 More Gone Gassers! (LP)

Norton ED 223 Sophisticated International Playboys (LP)

Norton CED 249 Untamed Melodies (CD) NEW!!

Norton 263 Youth Runs Wild (CD and LP) NEW!!

Norton 45 004 Santa's Gonna Shut Em Down/Santa's Midnight Run

Norton 45 045 California Street/Jennie Lee

All Norton releases plus more greatness from Untamed Youth
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  Churchkeys drummer/ songbird Bill Peitsch attempts to pay Untamed Youth's resident genius/ bassman to get out of the music business... and stay out!" Sez Mace, "I'll consider it. But as author of 'Supercharged Steamroller', I'm set for life!"